How to Secure your Server – Basic

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Here are some quick tips on how to secure your Linux server. This is only a short list, but, they are must do’s! Some of which are:

1. Change ssh port (use keys if possible as well/allow only specific users)
2. Disable unneeded services
3. Install a good firewall
4. Disable dangerous / unused PHP functions / harden your PHP
5. Install mod_security
6. Virus scan FTP uploads
7. Install root kit detection
8. Set root email to off server email account
9. Make sure your passwords are tough to guess. This is a big one, especially for the root user, this should be a very tough password.

This is a quick list, as there are many other things that can be done. Some things on this list are already on this blog, so please be sure to read the related posts.

Great Deal Alert!

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Our friends over at RoboHostingSolutions are now offering a free SSL certificate with the purchase of one of thier “Business Packages” with the addition of a dedicate IP.  For more information, please see this announcement:


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I am looking for anyone that wished to contribute articles/posts to this site.  If you wish to lend a hand, please reply to this post.  Articles can be anything related to administering a server.  Basic stuff that we sometimes forget how to do is key.  If you end up being a active contributor, I’ll offer you an mail account.

Look mom, I’m bloggin!

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Well, its now official, welcome to the blog.  My intensions for this blog are two fold.  First, I would like any system admin to be able to come here and learn some new stuff, perhaps a different way of doing things, and also, I would like others to contribute.  The second reason for creating this, is because I’ve got a crap memory, and I need to write stuff down so that I can call it up at a later date.  This blog allows me to do both. :)  I hope to be fairly active, I do administer a few servers, and am usaully pressed for time, but I will do my best!