Downgrading eAccelerator – cPanel

Posted by: Chris  :  Category: Linux Tips

The latest cPanel release comes with the option to have php version 5.3.1, and also uses the latest release candidate for eAccelerator, 0.9.6-rc1. These options are available to you through the EasyApache interface. There seems however, to be some bugs which cause unexpected high loads on busy servers, which some believe, are caused by a fault in the eAccelerator release candidate. Here are the steps you need to take in order to downgrade to eAccelerator Release- Read more…

How to install mod_limitipconn on cPanel

Posted by: Chris  :  Category: Linux Tips

We are going to install mod_limitipconn in order to limit the number of connections per IP on our server.  This can be a very useful tool, as it could help in lowering the load on your server due to someone connecting too many times from the same IP.

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