SolusVM Master on CentOS 7

When moving a master from one server to another I came across a few issues with the new (v4) installer for SolusVM and CentOS 7. The server was loaded with the minimal install of CentOS, and there is no specific information on SolusVM’s site for dependencies. The first time I ran the install script, it never stated that there was a problem, but the back end web server was not accepting connections. Long story short, before you run the SolusVM installer for CentOS 7, run the following command to ensure that the software needed is in place:

yum -y install rrdtool-php.x86_64 nmap.x86_64 vim-enhanced mlocate rsyslog.x86_64 php

For reference, here is the command from the SolusVM website for the CentOS 7 install script: