How to install ClamAV in cPanel

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I was reading through my post on how to virus scan ftp uploads, and I realized, I never mentioned how to setup ClamAV, the antivirus software.  So, here we go: Read more…

How to virus scan FTP uploads

Posted by: Chris  :  Category: Linux Tips

To help protect your server, you may want to scan your users FTP uploads.  Here is a great way of doing this, if you are using Pure-FTP and ClamAV.  Pure-FTP has an option to run a file after an upload, called the pure-uploadscript.  What you do, is tie the virus scanner into this script, so that when a file gets uploaded, it will get scanned.  As long as you have your virus scanner up to date, this will pick up most of the main stream virii, as well as the dreaded php shell scripts.

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