How to install ClamAV in cPanel

I was reading through my post on how to virus scan ftp uploads, and I realized, I never mentioned how to setup ClamAV, the antivirus software.  So, here we go:1. Log into you WHM control panel as root
2. Go to Cpanel >> Manage Plugins
3. Click on clamavconnector to install and then click Save at the bottom of the page.  cPanel will now install the software to the server.  It may take a few minutes.
4. Once it is installed, the ClamAV option can be found under Plugins >> Configure ClamAV Scanner, in here you can customize and give the users option with what to scan, you can specify whether to scan emails only or web space, it is entirely up to you.  The options are pretty self explanatory.
5. When ClamAV installs, it adds a cron job to ensure that the virus definitions are up to date.  If you have LogWatch set up and emailing you every night, you will see the section for ClamAV.  If you need to update the virus definitions manually, you can do so through the command line, by running:

[root@server ~]# freshclam
Thats it!